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TMJ Therapy in Rowley

woman with icebag on cheekDr. St.Clair received his training in this area at The Center for Advanced Dental Study in St. Petersburg, Florida and The Seattle Institute for Advanced Dental Education. In rare situations, when problems appear outside the realm of our practice, you will be referred to a specialist.

Did you know…

These are just a few of the signs and symptoms that point toward a possible bite or joint problems. As part of our comprehensive service, these and other related issues are evaluated at your initial examination and monitored at your dental maintenance appointments.

In most cases of bite-related jaw joint or muscle issues, management can be relatively simple. Balancing the bite forces through selectively re-shaping teeth can be one way to manage the problem. This is called Occlusal Equilibration.

Another method used for alleviating symptoms is the fabrication of an orthotic bite splint or occlusal guard. There are many different types of these appliances based on the nature of the problem. They are all custom-fitted. This is different than the generic “night guard."

By far, the most common appliance we make is called the NTi. You would not believe how small this appliance is.

Read a newspaper column written by Dr. St. Clair highlighting one of his patients who had amazing results with an Nti.